Our Business

Jepson Farms

Sustainable practices allow us to reduce fertilizer and chemical use. This not only makes business sense but makes sense for the environment. Today’s technology allows us to plant seeds that are genetically enhanced to
naturally fight off potential pests. These seeds allow us to greatly reduce pesticides used in our fields. Herbicide-tolerant crops allow us to use chemicals that have less impact on the environment.

Variable-rate technology allows us to analyze historic yield data and soil productivity to apply more fertilizer where the crop can use it, and less where it is not needed. This saves us money from over-applying fertilizer and reduces the overall amount of fertilizer applied to our fields.

Automated steering and swath control technology allows us to be more efficient when performing field operations. We save fuel and input products by not lapping during passes in the field. All of these practices help us sequester carbon in the soil in the battle against global climate change.